5 Youtube features will help you get more subscribers

5 Youtube features will help you get more subscribers

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11 Jul 2023


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Did you know that YouTube is the largest video-sharing website on the internet and the second most popular search engine in the world? That's why many brands use YouTube to market their products, build their brand and engage with an expanding audience.

If you are a new YouTuber or have been one for a while and are wondering what exactly you can do to get more subscribers on YouTube. In this article, we'll take a look at five of the best ways to do it.

Here are 5 YouTube features that will help you get more subscribers for free:

1. Use YouTube cards to recommend other videos:

This YouTube feature has been around for a few years, but it's still one of the best ways to get more subscribers. In a YouTube video, "cards" are clickable interactive features that resemble thumbnail overlays.

They can be used to show related videos, playlists, or even another video from the same channel in the sidebar of your video.

If you're into YouTube marketing, all you need to do to use this feature is choose the videos on your YouTube channel where the subscriber magnet fits the content of the video the best. Then, include a YouTube card with a link to your subscriber magnet video in these videos. This will be displayed on these videos, and perhaps it will catch the attention of your visitors enough for them to click the card and go to that video.

2. Create playlists:

Another way you can get more subscribers for free on YouTube is by creating playlists. Many influencer marketing brands use this YouTube feature.

Playlists let you group related videos so that viewers can easily find related content without having to search through all of your videos one at a time.

You can group videos by topic (such as "how-to") or create custom playlists based on specific keywords or topics that people search for in the hopes of finding similar videos on your channel.

Why is this useful for increasing the number of your subscribers? People will get to spend more time on your channel, and they will see that you have a wealth of high-quality content. Additionally, keeping your video content well-organized will prevent your channel from degenerating into a jumbled mess that repels viewers.

3. Use excellent channel trailers:

For marketers who value YouTube marketing and are trying to increase their subscriber base, YouTube has a lovely feature called channel trailers. These are precisely what they sound like—short trailers that start playing as soon as someone visits your YouTube channel page.

You can make a trailer video that you could use to briefly introduce yourself to people who haven't subscribed to your YouTube channel.

Do you want to know how to create a successful channel trailer? Use these 3 ideas:

1. Start by stating your tagline:

Put your channel's tagline at the beginning of your trailer. You should express your tagline in the opening three seconds of your trailer.

2. Keep it to 60 seconds or less:

Shorter trailers convert better, according to YouTube. Ensure that your trailers are brief (usually between 30 to 60 seconds), compelling, and most significantly they must include a strong call to action that encourages the audience to subscribe.

3. Feature your best work:

Your trailer is a fantastic way to showcase your viral videos. Because of this, the midsection of your trailer ought to be a 20–30-second highlight reel of your trending videos.

4. Add an end screen:

End screens show what's up when people finish watching your video; they're another opportunity to tell people why they should subscribe to your channel, check out your other videos, follow you on social media, or click through to your website.

You can include different elements in a single end-screen. The final 5 to 20 seconds of your video, which needs to be at least 25 seconds in length, can contain end screens.

5. Integrate a brand watermark:

This is also one of the best ways to get more subscribers on YouTube because it helps build your brand awareness and helps people find your channel easily when searching for similar content.

A watermark is an image or text that appears on the bottom corner of each of your videos. This makes it easier for people who come across one of your videos on a third-party website to find out where they came from, so they can subscribe to your channel.

YouTube persuades viewers to subscribe to your channel when you put a brand watermark on any of your videos, and they click on it.

For visitors to understand that they can click on your brand watermark, make sure it resembles a YouTube Subscribe button.

How to create a YouTube channel and get verified

Now that you know how to get more subscribers for free on YouTube, you probably want to learn how to sign up for a YouTube channel and get verified.

If you want to learn that, here's how to get it done:

Visit YouTube, then select "Sign In." Then, you key in the information for the Google account you want to link to your channel. It's easy to create a Google account if you don't already have one.

Access the YouTube settings. To do this, locate your profile symbol in the top-right corner of the screen. You click on that, and a small dropdown menu appears with the option to "Create a channel." Then press that.

Set up your channel. You may use your name or an alias or brand name. A specific "brand" name can be appropriate if you're just getting started and hoping to grow your channel; it helps potential viewers know what to expect.

Sort out the details. This involves decisions regarding your channel description, banner, and profile photo, among other things. Remember to link your YouTube channel to your other social media profiles as well. This makes it simpler than ever for viewers to interact with you across all platforms.

Next, we'll walk you through how to get verified on YouTube. Your channel needs to attain 100,000 subscribers before you can apply for verification. They'll look at your channel after you apply. YouTube verifies channels that:

1. Are genuine:

The creator, brand, or other entity your channel claims to represent must be the one it is. They usually look at a variety of things, like how long your channel has been existing, to assist them in confirming your identity. They could also request more information or supporting evidence.

2. Have been completed:

Your channel must be accessible to the public and contain a banner, description, and profile photo. Additionally, your YouTube channel must be active and have content.

In some cases, YouTube may verify popular channels outside of YouTube that has fewer than 100,000 followers.

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Wrapping Up

By now, you should have a good grasp of how YouTube works and how to use it to create a viral YouTube channel.

You should be actively using YouTube cards to suggest other videos and using excellent channel trailers. You should also avoid buying subscribers because this practice is often discouraged in YouTube marketing.

Now it's time to take things up a notch by taking advantage of some of YouTube's more advanced features. These will help you get more subscribers for free, which is ultimately what you're looking for.

Remember that gaining YouTube subscribers requires patience and consistency. Results don't appear right away. However, suppose you concentrate on creating interesting content and promoting more in-depth interactions. In that case, viewers will tap the subscribe button, and you will be able to get more subscribers.