Creators and subscribers turn to Privy for lots of reasons. But, quite often, it narrows down to one word: Trust. Get a glimpse inside our community and see what makes us different.

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Success Metrics

Gain access to comprehensive analytics on your reviews and community sentiment, allowing you to gain valuable insights into the thoughts and opinions of your audience.


Real Reviews

Gathering reviews from both brands and your community is the quickest route to establishing credibility and trust online.


Full Transparency

Privy is committed to fostering transparency within the creator industry and levelling the playing field for all participants.



We've provided answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you have additional inquiries, please feel free to submit a request through our help center.

Yes! Privy was built to make the creator industry a more transparent space for everyone. Brands can write reviews to help other brands make informed decisions when hiring for a campaign.

We've implemented many safeguards on the backend to prevent the platform from being abused or used for ill intent. For example, we have a comprehensive list of blacklisted words that cannot be used in reviews. Any review containing these specific words cannot be posted.

Abuse from brands or anyone, for that matter, will not be tolerated. All reviews can be flagged either by the creator themselves or by the community to ensure Privy remains a trusted review platform that provides praise or constructive feedback.

We begin all creators with a 3.5-star rating using the Bayesian average, a widely recognized method employed by reputable platforms like Google and Trustpilot. Each creator starts with 7 reviews, which are averaged to establish this baseline rating, ensuring fairness and consistency in evaluations. This approach offers new creators an equal opportunity to showcase their work and gradually build their reputation based on genuine feedback, fostering a community founded on trust and quality.

There are many reasons to sign up and everyone will have their own reason. Here are some reasons why you should sign up: 1. Create more visibility for your content online for free. 2. Get audience feedback all in one place so you can make informed decisions on how to create better content. 3. A new way to engage with your audience. 4. Build social proof to get higher paid collaborations from brands.

Yes! If you find a review offensive or believe it's not based on a real experience you can flag it. Make sure to give the reason why you're flagging the review. You may be asked for proof during the investigation.

Nope, you can cancel any time.

Yes! We offer a 7 day free trial with both of our paid plans.

Yes! We have a free plan but if you're needing more features we offer two paid plans that will help boost your content making journey.

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