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Every creator begins with 7 reviews, each at 3.5 stars. This sets everyone at a "good" rating level. Our ratings are calculated using the Bayesian average.

There are many reasons to sign up and everyone will have their own reason. Here are some reasons why you should sign up: 1. Create more visibility for your content online for free. 2. Get audience feedback all in one place so you can make informed decisions on how to create better content. 3. A new way to engage with your audience. 4. Build social proof to get higher paid collaborations from brands.

Yes! If you find a review offensive or believe it's not based on a real experience you can flag it. Make sure to give the reason why you're flagging the review. You may be asked for proof during the investigation.

Nope. You can cancel any time.

Yes! We offer a 7 day free trial with both of our paid plans.

Yes! We have a free plan but if you're needing more features we offer two paid plans that will help boost your content making journey.

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