Guidelines for Reviewers

At Privy, we want you to have a voice. We provide this by giving you a free review platform that encourages people to share their experiences with the community and creators.


To use our platform, all we ask is that you follow the below guidelines we’ve set out, along with our Terms of Service (linked). We aim to keep Privy a safe space for collaboration and feedback. Thank you for using our platform – every review matters.


When you should write a review:

You can write a review on any creator you’re following or subscribed to.

Use the review section to share your experiences and give creator feedback, whether that be for a simple monthly sub or direct messages. Size doesn’t matter here – what we care about is your genuine experience.


Don’t write fake reviews:

If you know someone who’s had a certain experience with a particular creator, please let that individual write their own review. We work hard to make sure all reviews are legit and genuine. If you’re a competitor, please don’t write fake reviews to gain a competitive edge. You may be asked to prove your experience with a particular creator, so it’s a good idea to keep proof of experiences such as receipts, order confirmations, or screenshots.


Be kind:

 We encourage creativity but expect everyone to be respectful and add meaningful content to our platform – so please be nice, don’t be an asshole. We don’t tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, hateful/discriminatory/defamatory comments, or obscene language. Keep in mind that if there’s clear evidence of any blackmail/extortion and/or threats, you will be permanently banned from using our website.


Double-check the creator’s profile:

You’d be surprised how many times a review was meant for a completely different creator! To save us the hassle of removing your review, please double-check to make sure you’re on the right creator’s review page.



Your user account:

 You’ll need a user account to post your reviews, and you’ll only get the one. Your user account must be a representation of a real person (yourself) or business and not an impersonation of anyone. Your profile should also not contain any hateful, harmful, or obscene content – if it does, guess what, we can and will delete it. Multiple accounts will be deleted as well.


Editing reviews:


You are the owner of any reviews you choose to write. This means you can edit, revise, update, or delete your reviews at any time. You can only write one review per creator.


Flagging reviews:

 Help us protect the integrity of our platform by letting us know of any problematic reviews, especially if you have proof. However, please only flag reviews if you know them to be a problem. We’ll then have one of our support staff review it and make the decision to remove it, ask the reviewer to edit it, or leave it up as is.


Breaking up:

 We at Privy are all about freedom of speech and self-expression, but some content won’t be tolerated. If someone flags your review, we’ll give you the opportunity to edit it to align with our guidelines.

Blatant misuse of our platform will result in your user account being blocked/deleted, along with all of your reviews. Also, we have amazing algorithms that look for abusive and fake reviews, so keep that in mind. :)


We have the final say:

 The above are just guidelines, and we have the right to interpret them as we see fit. We welcome all reviewers, but to be clear, we have the final say. We may also update these guidelines at any time. If you need more information or clarity about the above guidelines, please feel free to contact our customer support team (linked) – we’ll gladly answer all questions that come our way.