How To Become A Hair Influencer?

How To Become A Hair Influencer?

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Vanessa Franz


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26 Apr 2024


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In today's hyper-connected world, the number of "influencers" in the beauty and personal care industry has skyrocketed. These people have utilized social media's potential to position themselves as trendsetters and thought leaders. The hair-influencing market is thriving in this area. 

Hair influencers are the people who make unique hairstyles, distinctive hair care regimens, and professional advice. They have developed their brands and inspired thousands and millions of followers. Nevertheless, becoming a hair influencer requires much more than having great hair. 

It takes creating innovative content, engaging audiences, brand collaborations, injecting personality, and nonstop networking.

Do you want to know how to become a hair influencer and create a buzz on social media? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. This blog post covers a range of valuable strategies that can make you a top-notch hair influencer in the market. 

No matter your passion, there is a way to become the talk of the town as a hair influencer. So, stay tuned and keep reading. 

How To Become A Hair Influencer? 10 Tips From Experts

Influencer marketing hit a value of up to $21.1 billion in 2023, about 29% more than the previous year (2022). It's also expected to reach up to $84.89 billion by 2028. This domain has high potential. But it alone can't help you hit your career as a successful hair styling and hair extensions influencer.

You must put in extra effort to start hair influencer marketing in 2024. Below, we have laid out some insider strategies and hacks to succeed in this field.

1. Decide What makes you different from others

The hair influencer world is vast, with countless talented individuals sharing their expertise. To truly stand out, you need to identify what makes YOU unique. Are you a natural hair diva who can whip up flawless braid styles? You may specialize in vibrant hair colors and creative cuts or know plenty of unique hairstyling tips. 

You may know how to transform damaged hair into healthy, luscious locks. Whatever your strength is, lean into it!

Feel free to delve deeper into your niche. You could focus on natural hair care for men or specialize in hairstyling hacks for busy moms. The more specific your area of expertise, the more you'll resonate with a dedicated audience. Research trending topics and identify gaps in the influencer landscape. Embrace what sets you apart – it's your secret weapon for attracting a loyal following.

2. Maintain Consistency and Quality

Building a successful online presence requires dedication. You won't become a hair influencer overnight. Consistency is the fuel that propels your growth. Develop a content calendar, whether daily uploads or weekly tutorials, that fits your schedule. The key is to show up for your audience regularly.

But consistency alone isn't enough. You also need to deliver high-quality content. Invest in good lighting and sound equipment to elevate your videos. Edit your photos and videos to create a polished aesthetic. Research the latest trends and techniques so your audience gets the most up-to-date information. 

Remember, your audience is bombarded with content, so make sure yours stands out with its quality and value.

3. Be Yourself

In the world of social media, people crave genuineness. Don't try to be someone you're not. Let your personality shine through in your content. Share your hair journey, your successes, and your struggles. People connect with vulnerability and relatability. This is your platform, and you have the power to shape it with your authenticity.

Embrace your individuality. Your unique voice and perspective are what will set you apart. Infuse your content with your passions and interests. Let your audience glimpse who you are, not just someone becoming a hair expert. This authenticity will foster trust and connection with your followers, turning them into a loyal and engaged community, a community that you are an integral part of.

4. Keep It Trendy And Engaging

The hair world is constantly evolving, and to stay ahead of the curve, you need to embrace the latest trends. Become a keen observer, following celebrity stylists, fashion shows, and industry publications to spot what's hot. Hairstyling is a significant aspect of the fashion industry. Therefore, researching is a MUST to become a fashion influencer and come under the spotlight. 

Experiment with these trends yourself, putting your unique spin on them. However, remember, trend jacking isn't enough. It would help if you made it engaging for your audience.

Show, don't tell. Instead of simply posting a picture of the latest bob haircut, create a tutorial showcasing the cutting techniques. Film yourself rocking a bold new hair color and share your experience, including the products you used and the process behind achieving the look. Embrace humor and personality in your content. 

People connect with authenticity, so don't be afraid to show some behind-the-scenes mishaps or bloopers. Authenticity builds confidence and makes your audience feel like they're getting to know the real you.

You can run polls and ask questions to spark conversation. Is it better to blunt cut or layer fine hair? What are your favorite purple shampoo brands? Once you understand your audience's interests and preferences, you can keep them glued to your feed.

5. Sharpen Your Storytelling Skills

Hair isn't just about aesthetics; it's a form of self-expression. People get haircuts and dye their hair for a reason: to celebrate a milestone, reinvent them, or feel more confident. As a hair influencer, you can tap into these emotions and weave them into your content.

Share your hair journey. Did a bad haircut inspire you to learn more about hair care? Did a specific hairstyle boost your confidence before a big presentation? Let your audience into your personal experiences to show them the transformative power of hair. This is exceptionally useful if you want to be a hair extension or hair coloring influencer.

Go beyond "how-to" videos and delve into the emotional impact of hair. Feature stories of people who have undergone dramatic hair transformations. Interview stylists about their consultations with clients and the stories they hear behind the chair. You'll create something more memorable once you start weaving human connection and emotion into your content.

6. Deliver Consistent And High-Quality Content 

Building a loyal following takes time and dedication. Consistency is key. Set a regular posting schedule and stick to it, whether it's daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. This will help your audience know when to expect new content and keep you top-of-mind.

Quality matters, too. Invest in good lighting and editing software to make your visuals pop. Practice your on-camera presence, whether filming tutorials or talking directly to your audience. The more professional your content appears, the more seriously you'll be taken as a hair influencer.

Experiment with different content formats. You can mix up tutorials, reviews, Q&A sessions, and live streams to keep your audience engaged. Repurpose your content across various platforms. For example, turn a detailed blog post into a series of Instagram stories.

The aim is to find a content creation rhythm that works for you and consistently delivers valuable and visually appealing content to your audience. This will establish you as a reliable source of hair expertise and build a dedicated following who trusts your recommendations.

7. Network With Other Leading Influencers

The influencer world thrives on collaboration. Don't see other hair influencers as competitors – view them as potential partners. Reach out to stylists you admire, propose creative content swaps or co-host live sessions. Participating in hair challenges or hashtag trends alongside fellow influencers is a brilliant idea. It will expose you to new audiences and foster a sense of community.

Look beyond the hair world, too! Collaborate with fashion influencers to showcase how a hairstyle complements an outfit. Team up with makeup artists to create cohesive beauty looks. Join forces with influencers in complementary fields and expand your reach by sparking fresh, creative ideas. On your way to becoming a beauty influencer, you will be able to leave your audience wanting more.

8. Keep Up With The Trends

The hair world is constantly evolving, with new cuts, colors, and styling techniques emerging constantly. To stay relevant and grab attention, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of these trends. Watch hairstyling shows, follow celebrity stylists on social media, and research upcoming runway looks. This knowledge allows you to create content that reflects the latest hair fashion.

But simply showing trends isn't enough. It would help if you made your content engaging. We suggest you experiment with different hairstyles on yourself or willing models. Showcase how to achieve these trendy looks through detailed tutorials. For instance, styling with natural long hair is now a trend. Therefore, you can become a natural hair influencer and gain more popularity. 

Incorporate humor, personal anecdotes, or relatable struggles into your content. Ask questions in captions, sparking conversation and encouraging viewers to share their experiences. This two-pronged approach – showcasing trends and making them engaging – positions you as a valuable source of information. 

9. Keep Up With The Trends, But Don't Be A Slave To Them

Staying on top of trends is crucial in "how to become a hair influencer." Nonetheless, it's equally important to avoid unthinkingly following every fad. Only some trends will resonate with your audience or suit your style. 

Curate the trends that align with your brand and expertise. Instead of replicating every look you see, put your unique spin on them. It's your responsibility to infuse your personality and knowledge into the trends. In this way, you can find content that feels fresh and authentic.

Remember, your audience craves genuine connections. Be upfront about trends that might not work for everyone. In that case, you have to provide alternative suggestions for different hair types or face shapes. Your honesty will enable you to establish yourself as a hair authority who understands the nuances of individual styles.

10. Create Value For Your Audience

As a hair influencer, your goal shouldn't just be to showcase trendy styles. It would help if you strived to create valuable content that empowers your audience. It means offering practical tips and tricks for everyday hair care. 

Educate viewers on different hair types and how to best manage them. Share product recommendations based on your own experiences and research. Offer solutions to common hair problems like frizz, breakage, or lack of volume.

The more value you provide, the more your audience trusts and respects your expertise. As a result, you will foster a loyal following that consumes your content and recommends you to others. Remember, it's not just about the number of followers. It's about building a robust and engaged community that sees you as a trusted advisor on all things hair.

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