Understanding Influencer Marketing and How Does It Work

Understanding Influencer Marketing and How Does It Work

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03 Jul 2024


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The sharp rise of social media influencers in 2024 has contributed heavily to making influencer marketing a mainstream discipline. Previously considered as only a buzzword, it is now very much the topic of serious discussion. However, there are still people who are not well-acquainted with its concept and its dynamic potential. 

Influencer marketing also goes by the term "branded content." It is an effective way to expand your brand reach on social media. There is no one-stop solution in influencer marketing. Therefore, you must get in with proper planning and research to achieve maximum success.

With this blog, we have tried to break down the world of influencers for your benefit. Moreover, a detailed explanation of their contributions and how to execute them properly exists. By the end, you should be able to develop a successful influencer marketing strategy from the ground up. 

Introduction to the World of Influencers

Here's a bite-sized description of influencers: They are online personalities claiming to be experts in their field. Their extensive knowledge and passion have led to their steady following, which relies on their recommendations and opinions. 

Therefore, it allows the influencers to command considerable weight against their endorsements. More and more experts are building their presence online since they are confident in their social media influence.

These social media professionals invest enough grey matter and physical resources to develop their reputation as experts. They churn out relevant content online that reaches a broader audience. These people concentrate on the influencer's views and engage back on those posts. 

You will not need our expertise to find out that most commercial brands in 2024 love social media influencers. You can leverage the mass following of these online personalities to create marketing campaigns. If done effectively, they can impact your sales and brand visibility positively. 

According to many Instagram influencer marketing gurus, influencers have long been the key playmakers. Product—or service-based brands would previously bank on the exclusivity of celebrities to promote their products/services. Now, the emergence of social media has made other types of influencers more popular.

Types of Influencers

Social media influencers can be sorted into four types. In simple terms, the most effective method for identifying any type of social media influencer, you must consider checking their follower count.

Influencer Type     Based on Number of Followers

  • Mega Influencer     1 Million+
  • Macro Influencer     100,000 - 1 Million
  • Micro-Influencer     1,000 - 100,000
  • Nano Influencer         Less than 1,000 

 Who Is a Mega-Influencer?

They sit right at the top tier of social media influencer types. They typically boast more than one million followers/ subscribers. Their huge follower base typically comprises audiences that have diverse interests. Moreover, they tend to remain distantly positioned from the members of their followership. They don’t claim to be experts on any particular subject but promise exceptional reach with each post.

You may consider leveraging this type of social media influencer marketing if you have a considerable fund. Mega-influencers provide excellent results but at a very high cost.

Who Is a Macro-Influencer?

Macro-influencers take the next best position in the social media influencer hierarchy ladder. Their follow count ranges between 100,000 and one million followers. It’s difficult to differentiate the average macro-influence from the rest of the options. They operate between the grey area of micro and mega.

You can go for the macro-influencers if you want to hit a particular demography but not miss out on the masses.

Who Is a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers typically have 1,000 to 100,000 followers. They concentrate on exclusive subjects; and operate under the perception of being experts. They share stronger connections with their audience than the typical influencers online. Contrary to celebrities or mega influencers, micro-influencers promise a uniform audience.

These influencers typically have a modest follower base due to the lack of a “celeb” status. However, you may choose to collaborate with them to leverage their well-informed follower base. 

Who Is a Nano-Influencer?

Relatively new on the block, nano influencers significantly low number of followers, ranging around 1,000 followers. They can typically influence within the confines of their community. 

You can opt for their service if you think you want “everyday Joe’s” to influence your business to their contacts and acquaintances. You can achieve it effectively through their user-generated content.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Despite its exponential efficiency and growing relevance today, influencer marketing remains a severely misunderstood concept. In simple terms, influencer marketing is a strategic collaboration between social media influencers and brands to achieve the desired promotion/ sales of products or services. These partnerships have been taking place informally since the early days of social media.

Let's suppose you are an Instagram influencer in this conversation. Companies will now approach you to publish social media content featuring their product or services. They will directly draw attention to their products or services. It will be your job to convince your followers to avail themselves of the products or services you post about. 

Alternatively, if you are a business company looking to expand its social media audience, you have a fantastic option in influencer marketing. However, finding suitable influencers that might fit into the promotion campaign is challenging. 

Most users online follow influencers whom they trust. Therefore, if they witness your business featuring the content produced by the leading social media influencers, you can expect to gain inherent trust. Influencer marketing can boost your conversion rates dynamically if done right. 

What Does An Influencer Marketing Deal Look Like?

How does influencer marketing work? We've got you covered with an influencer marketing guide.
You should contact the individual once you have identified the ideal social media influencer. 

Partnering with multiple influencers is always an option, and it will assist you in capturing more eyeballs online. We highly suggest you carefully look into the numbers before presenting any deal to the influencer.

Two types of partnership deals are working globally today. 

  1. You pay the individual a specific amount per post in which they promote/ feature your business effectively. This can be termed a brand deal.
  2. The influencer receives a cut on every sale they generate for your business. They may post about your business with a link to a purchase gateway. They will be earning affiliate commission here.

Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy- Guide

As mentioned, influencer marketing shares fundamental elements with other social media marketing. The process involves online brand collaborations between influencers and content creators. These social media individuals must ideally have a considerable social media presence. 

You should consider leveraging social media influencers since they typically have cult-like followings. 

The most suited influencer will offer excellent opportunities to penetrate wider niche audiences. 

We think Influencer marketing is essential. It is the new iteration of word-of-mouth publicity.

It's time to walk you through the ropes of effective influencer marketing. We have developed a step-by-step influencer strategy guide for effortless comprehension.

1. Outline Your Target Audience

Identifying the target audience is the first milestone in any marketing journey. Therefore, you must also follow suit by determining the demography you want to tap into. There are diverse but effective ways to find potential customers for an online promotion campaign. 

Study your clientele to identify the social media channels and influencers that may benefit your purpose. Moreover, try to understand their collective sentiments and values, the motivating factors behind their purchase decisions, and so on. This will help you determine their needs for effective influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Set Goals And KPIs

Promotional campaigns can effectively help you accomplish various goals. This applies to social media influencer marketing as well. Remember to form your objectives pragmatically so that you can employ the necessary mechanics afterward. We find it beneficial to establish key performance indicators. They are valuable metrics to confirm whether you succeeded in hitting your target outcomes. 

Here are some valuable examples of KPIs for brand awareness campaigns below:

  • Overall Outreach
  • Overall Engagement
  • Incoming Website Traffic 
  • Search Interest
  • Media Mentions

You must consider them as indicators if you hope to improve your sales or user behavior through your influencer marketing campaigns. However, don't go overboard by pinning multiple goals for one piece of content.

3. Find The Right Channel

Social media platforms can exponentially benefit your influencer marketing. Therefore, you must not just dive into any platform for influencer marketing for the sake of participation. Once you have identified the ideal social media influencer for your brand promotional campaign, you should contact the individual. 

The pay structure typically works in a commission-per-sale model. Simply put, the influencer will receive a pre-discussed commission on every sale they generate for your business. You can always partner with multiple influencers to capture more eyeballs online. 

We highly suggest you carefully look into the numbers before presenting any deal to the influencer. You should ideally pick a platform by considering your audience's interests and business goals. You must consider them as indicators if you hope to improve your sales or user behavior through your influencer marketing campaigns. However, don't go overboard by pinning multiple goals for one piece of content.

4. Settle on Your Campaign Budget

Speaking about money, your influencer marketing project is dependent on the available budget. You will find that most influencers quote their service charges based on their follower strength, advertiser interests, and so on. Therefore, it's most likely that an influencer with 1 million followers will charge you more than someone with a few thousand followers on a social media platform.

Pro tip: Businesses with modest marketing budgets will find it profitable to partner with influencers with smaller follower bases. These influencers are perfectly capable of delivering their objectives with smaller investments. 

If you are moving ahead with a limited budget, alter your KPIs accordingly. Try maintaining a strategic balance between your available resources and your expected goals.

5. Pick The Right Influencers

Right! Here comes the most obvious yet necessary step of effective influencer marketing. You could execute all the tropes correctly and spend a fortune on your marketing campaigns, but collaborating with the wrong influencer will ruin your chances. 

Therefore, we encourage you to identify influencers that resonate with your field of work or your brand values. For instance, you should refrain from partnering with a fitness influencer to promote your new fast-food restaurant chain. This is where you should pick a food vlogger or a restaurant reviewer. The latter professionals will share similar interests and knowledge about good food. They will be better informed about culinary hygienic standards as well.

Influencer marketing always runs the risk of scams and fake followers. Therefore, you must check the legitimacy and authenticity of the influencer account before engaging in any business relationship. This will cut down on interacting with fraudulent personalities. Dynamic tools are available online to verify if the influencer has bots or fake subscribers. Look out for account duplicates as well. 

Settling on the right influencer for your marketing campaign can be highly challenging. You can do the selection manually, especially if you are working with a handful of influencers. Alternatively, there are platforms available that can search and identify the ideal influencers for your unique requirements.

6. Start The Campaign

Most marketing gigs include the influencer generating content for your business promotion. However, conveying your campaign expectations and objectives would be best. Moreover, you will stand a better chance of achieving your KPIs if you develop a campaign brief.

We have formed a short list below that you should follow to develop an effective campaign brief for the influencer. 

    1. Pick the platform and account
    2. Identify your campaign objectives
    3. Mention the brand pitch

The concluding step for implementing successful influencer marketing is contracting with a vlogger. The contract should ideally feature the campaign details, responsibilities and duties of participants, content ownership status, deadlines, and objectives. Mention certain conditions that are of vital importance or controversial in the contract, keeping them precise. 

How to Measure Influencer Marketing Success?

Brands can find it challenging to identify the success and effectiveness of an influencer marketing job. To evaluate the campaign, keep adhering to your KPIs and goals.

If the original goal of your campaign was to improve your brand awareness or social media visibility, you should concentrate on engagement rates and outreach. In this case, you should consider asking the influencer for statistics. Similarly, you can get help from Google Analytics to look into search interest and media mentions.

Thankfully, running an analysis on leads and sales is easy. The best option here is to check the tracked links. As per the industry standards, you should build them with UTM link builders. Moreover, you must ideally shorten links with exceptional services. It's necessary to keep them looking sleek on social media.

You can also consider tracking leads using promo codes. Brands should develop unique codes for every influencer. This method primarily depends on the detailing of the end data. 

Tips to Drive Successful Influencer Marketing

For a broader comprehension, influencer marketing presents a powerful cocktail of social media marketing and public relations. You should have influencers utilize their social media presence to promote your brand to their audiences; their marketing methods draw parallels with public relations.

Here's a detailed breakdown of some tips for running a successful influencer marketing campaign. This will answer all your queries about how to develop your Influencer Marketing strategy. 

 1. Bring together An Influencer List

You must primarily identify the most appropriate influencers for your business to run influencer marketing effectively. They should ideally share similar interests and are relevant to your field of business. Therefore, you must take the time to get the right influencers. 

Moreover, verify the influencer's sway over their audience. Your best choice of influencer should have a huge follower count. However, if they don't find engaging with the influencer's content necessary, you will fail with your purpose. Your best pick must promise a significant engagement rate. 

2. Pitch Your Brand

Approaching influencers about potential partnerships is similar to public relations pitching. Most influencers leave their contact details on their social media landing page for potential collaboration opportunities. However, you should also choose to reach them via direct messages. 

If you have decided to approach an influencer for a potential collaboration, you will find it beneficial to send personalized messages to every influencer. This will boost your chances of getting a quick response. 

Don't forget to present the maximum amount of information possible in the mail. You should discuss your brand, expand on the campaign, and define the respective takeaways from the upcoming collaboration. 

3. Review Before Publishing

It's always essential to allow influencers complete creative control. However, you should develop a habit of reviewing the content before publishing them online. Adhering to your brand messaging and campaign requirements will benefit your influencer marketing.

Ideally, You should follow these tips to effectively implement influencer marketing for your brand. However, you can achieve the most significant results by maintaining a clear communication channel with the influencer that you picked. Ensure you are on the same page to deliver a consistent and cohesive brand message throughout the marketing campaign. 

How Much Are Influencers Paid?

The influencer marketing industry has recently recorded exponential growth. Moreover, creators who generate steady income from their content are set to grow by 15-20 percent. Do keep in mind that crucial factors such as the account's follower count can significantly dictate their potential earnings from brand collaborations. 

Limitations of Influencer Marketing

All business owners should be aware of the potential limitations of any marketing strategy. It applies to influencer marketing as well. It's a fine tool for penetrating a more niche audience. However, you must consider examining some of the pressing drawbacks we have discussed below. 

Lack of Authenticity

The biggest challenge of influencer marketing is the potential for fraud. In simple words, many influencers online genuinely believe in the products/services they endorse to their audience. However, other creators will take up brand endorsement projects to make quick money. It can directly contribute to friction in the trust between the influencer, the audience, and the brand.

Limited Reach

Unlike traditional marketing approaches, influencer marketing has a confined audience. While influencers often promise a large follower count on social media, they still cater to a specific number of eyeballs. Therefore, when expanding your customer base, you always fear missing out on the broader audience.

High Cost

Influencer marketing is typically expensive, mainly if brands collaborate with top-of-the-line influencers. While the rich can afford this, small and medium-scale businesses with a tight budget can struggle.

Struggle in Measuring ROI

Quantifying the ROI of influencer marketing is a slippery slope. The challenge levels up if the brand is employing the services of multiple influencers or running social media promotion campaigns across different social media platforms. You could struggle to figure out the return on your investment in this type of marketing.

Difficulty in Finding the Right Influencer

Identifying the right social media influencers and resources can be a tricky task. Your primary objective here will be selecting candidates who promise a relevant online presence. Moreover, they must also ensure a follower count that is either educated or passionate about your product/ service. The collective selection process can demand a serious amount of time and effort. It could become a hassle for brands that are working with limited resources. 

Break New Boundaries Using Influencer Marketing with Privy Reviews 

Younger audiences today believe more in influencers and non-celebrities than traditional prominent personalities. Therefore, we believe you will have a satisfying experience working with the right influencer who promises a smaller, stronger audience.

You could find yourself in a sticky position where you don't like the influencer; however, your target audience follows them ardently. In this scenario, you must prioritize the audience. Your choice of influencer doesn't need to be as learned about the field as you are. Just make sure that they represent your business as per your brand messaging. 

Influencer marketing has exceptional potential for improving brand awareness online and boosting sales. Therefore, partnering with the ideal influencer to execute effective social media influencer marketing can propel a start-up business to success.

If you have decided to invest in influencer marketing, join Privy Reviews. We have built up a sterling reputation in the industry. Our platform can help you get popular influencers for brand collaboration. We are here to help you explore different types of influencers and walk you through the ultimate guide to influencer marketing. Let your brand take off with a bang!

Frequently Asked Questions - 

1. What Platforms Are Most Popular For Influencer Marketing?

According to the latest influencer marketing statistics, Instagram tops the list of most-used influencer discovery platforms in the United States. Facebook sits pretty second as an influencer marketing platform, while TikTok is the third choice.

2. Why Use Influencer Marketing? 

An effective influencer marketing campaign requires detailed planning and clear communication between the participants. If done correctly, it can help you achieve amplified brand exposure and boost brand awareness.

3. What Does An Influencer Marketing Deal Look Like?

A typical influencer marketing deal primarily involves a brand and an influencer joining forces to promote the former's product/service. It will include distinctive terms and conditions that should benefit both respectively.