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29 Mar 2024


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User-generated content (UGC) has been as old as content for a long time, even before they invented the internet. It was us wanting to have our say in every way possible. Whether contributing to the Oxford Dictionary, writing fan fiction, or sending letters to the editor, people have always wanted to get involved in creating content.

Nowadays, with the internet, brands can shine more than ever before. There are digital forums and comment sections on blogs, and it's easy to publish content for free with just a click. 

For marketers, UGC is next to gold if they use it right. Savvy marketers follow this trend because it makes sense. According to research, 92% of consumers believe in content that people make more than they trust traditional ads.

So, numerous marketers need more time or money to create content. UGC solves that problem. Letting users create content for you marks several benefits of user-generated content. 

We will discuss user-generated content in detail so that you gain clarity in this field and can leverage it properly. 

What Does UGC Mean?

User-generated content, also known as consumer-generated content, occurs when consumers make brand-specific content to publish on social media and/or other channels. There are different types of UGC. 

Right now, social media marketers are all about using UGC. If you want to become a UGC creator, know that there are numerous types so you can pick what works best for your brand-

  • Picture posts
  •  Video posts
  • Social media (like a Tweet about your brand)
  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Live videos
  • Blog posts
  • YouTube Content


Generally, customers, brand loyalists, and employees are the main groups who create such posts for the chosen company. One of the best examples of UGC is GoPro, a video equipment company that uses UGC to create a sustainable YouTube channel. Customers filmed their top 3 videos, and those had 400 million views in December 2021!

Advantages of User-Generated Content

One might wonder what the benefit of user-generated content (UGC) is. People use UGCs across all stages of buying to increase conversions and influence engagement in different channels. It is customer-centric content used on social media and channels like landing pages, email, checkout pages, etc. The benefits of using user-generated content are many, if used correctly. 
Let us take a look- 

The Authenticity of Another Level

There is competition in every field, whether sports, business, studies or anything else. In business, companies must fight to make their space online for the audience's attention. This results in buyers being selective of brands they want to interact with, especially Gen Z!

But it's not just with consumers; marketers agree that quality and authenticity are significant elements of winning content. UGC is the only answer for genuine content coming from customers. 

The audience is also clever and quick to notice what’s fake and genuine. Hence, UGC creators need to be alert. They smell false sentiments and can damage the brand's reputation. 

Ensure the user-generated content (UGC) comes from three main groups: people who love your brand, your customers, or your employees. Think of UGC as today's version of word-of-mouth. People trust other people more than they trust brands.

Since consumers are 2.4 times more likely to see UGC as authentic than brand-made content, focusing on genuine substance in the social media marketing plan is best.

Establishes Brand Allegiance 

Brands need loyal followers to gain better recognition. One reason user-generated content is so powerful is that it lets customers join in and help a brand grow. It boosts brand loyalty because people love feeling they are part of something significant, and creating UGC lets them be part of a brand's community.

UGC also sparks conversations between a brand and its customers. This kind of interaction builds an active community around the brand. It is one of the best benefits of user-generated content in promotion and branding.

When a brand shares content created by its audience, it strengthens the bond between the audience and the business and makes people more loyal to the brand.

Acts As A Trust Signal

Do you remember how Fyre Festival was promoted as this beautiful music festival but resulted in a disaster? That is why people don't trust advertisements or marketers anymore.

Only 9% of Americans believe in mass media, especially with all the fake content going around since the pandemic.

Brands have to work extra hard to show they are trustworthy. 93% of marketers say people trust content made by consumers more than something by brands. Therefore, using user-generated content (UGC) is a fantastic way for businesses to earn that trust.

People see UGC as a sign that they can trust a brand, like asking your family or friends for advice. More than half of millennials buy products recommended by friends or family. Thus, UGC is like getting a personal suggestion.

Increases Conversions And Impact Buying Decisions

Another reason user-generated content is so important is that it influences buying decisions and creates conversions. It is phenomenally influential during the final buying phase, where you look for your audience's conversion —you persuade them to make the purchase. 

UGC is a medium that provides genuine and social proof that the product is worth spending money on. For instance, the audience observes people using or wearing a product, influencing them to decide to buy. The increase in conversion creates a significant impact as it makes them trustworthy. It is where UGC becomes crucial.


UGC is quite adaptable. You can use it in different marketing campaigns, not just on social media. It makes the strategy work across all channels. 

For instance, you could include pictures made by users in an email reminding them about items left in their online shopping cart. It might convince them to go ahead and buy the product. Or, you could put user-generated content on imperative pages on your website to help more people decide to buy.

Calvin Klein even made a page just for UGC. They show real customers wearing their clothes. When shoppers see regular people endorsing the brand and showing how the clothes look on them, it is more convincing than seeing pictures of models. 

Cost Effective Compared To Influencer Marketing

Did you know that the average cost of hiring an influencer could reach millions of dollars? And the average cost of requesting a shopper share your products they enjoy is almost zero! 

UGC is an affordable way to grow a business and introduce creative new marketing plans. 

However, there is no need to hire creative agencies and spend dollars on content for a campaign when there is UGC. Just connect with the crucial people in the business- your audience. Most should feel excited to be featured in the campaigns. 
UGC is more cost-effective and easy to handle for small firms or ones just beginning than putting money on large brand awareness projects. 


Interaction on social media platforms has become imperative to let the business grow differently. By now, we know that user-generated content (UGC) is a grand way to get people attracted to your product.

When someone shares content about your brand on social media, and you show it off in your marketing or respond to them, you encourage others to do the same. You indirectly create a motivation factor for others in the community. 

This creates a feedback loop that helps more people notice your brand. Isn’t that all we want from our consumers? 

Works In Agreement With Social Commerce

First, let us define social commerce—online shopping directly from your favorite social platform is social commerce. It can be as simple as scrolling through Instagram and coming across a nice bathrobe. You tap to learn about the product and decide to make a purchase. 

The future of online shopping has revolutionized, and the main advantage we can draw from it is the audience that converts easily through such social media apps. It is better than going offline to make a purchase. 

Social commerce and UGC work very well together because of their influential aspect, which encourages conversion. Nearly 75% of the population reported that UGC had changed their purchase patterns, making social commerce and UGC a perfect match. 

Making Content Easy: Curating vs Creating

Sometimes, we don't have the energy or resources to create suitable content every day. This is especially true if you are a small team. One person could be handling everything—from marketing and social media to photography and writing blog articles!
But when some act more like' curators' than' creators,' their work becomes far easier.

Encouraging and curating content from customers regularly can relieve the pressure to constantly create new content. You can use their content whenever someone tags, leaves positive feedback, and asks questions.

For the people making content for your brand, curating consumer content has three significant advantages- 

  • You don't have to keep promoting yourself or fill your feed with filler content.
  • You don't have to deduce if your content is what followers want since they are making it.
  • Boosting your followers with customer content is quick and easy- just add a caption and click instead of hiring shooting, models, and editing.

Even if nothing else, adding customer content to your feed is a great addition to your social media plan. Since user-generated posts are real and organic, they offer a nice change from the content you usually make and promote yourself. The good news is users are already creating this content. 

Millions of photos get uploaded daily on Instagram, and Facebook sees billions of pieces of content posted every month. This is the impact of user-generated content. It is there, so learn how to pick the best of it. 

We have given you a few benefits of user-generated content that would be helpful for your business in the future. These are the reasons why user-generated content matters. 

But remember, you will also need content moderation for user-generated campaigns to be on the safe side. It is for several reasons, such as legal issues, cultural modification, etc. It will be worth it. 

Some User-Generated Content Tips

Many times, people wonder how to start with a good UGC post. We have given you the benefits of user-generated content, but it would all be in vain if you did not know how to use them correctly. Whether you are new to the idea or looking to improve your strategy, our UGC tips will help you increase your brand's visibility and engagement.

Having Goals and Strategies

Having goals for every business is crucial as it helps move forward and grow. Alright, picture this: you are scrolling through your social media strategy document to figure out how user-generated content (UGC) fits into your big marketing plans. You see all these striking images people are tagging you in, but wondering, "How can I use this to help my marketing goals?"

So, first things first, take a moment to review your social media strategy. Look at your goals and see how UGC can fit right in. Then, come up with a simple statement that tells folks exactly what type of content you want.

This makes it easier for people to add content and guarantees that the content they share helps you reach your marketing goals. It's a win-win situation! 

Once you have decided on the UGC requirement, you must share it in the most appropriate places. It could be-

  • On your website
  • A physical location
  • Social channels 
  • Other UGC social media posts

Some strategies go beyond an understanding of the content type. Brands must also align the UGC campaign with more comprehensive social media posts. For instance, do you want more conversion or better brand awareness?

Whatever your goal and strategy, measure the success with specific tools that give accurate answers. 

Permission is a Must

In this age of smartphones, everyone has a phone and can record or click pictures at any time of the day without others knowing. Before using someone's content, be triple sure you ask them if it is okay. You need their permission to share what they have made.

Sometimes, people might use your hashtags without knowing they are connected to a campaign for user-generated content. If you share their content without asking, it can upset them and cause them to disapprove of supporting your brand.

When you ask for permission, you show the creators the content that you like what they did and are excited to share it with others. Plus, you avoid getting into trouble with copyright issues.

Crediting the Original Creator

Have you ever come across content where people have said to give credit to the original creator of the post? It happens with many creators and is so uncommon. Therefore, give clear credits when sharing the UGC on any social media channel. If you don’t know who was the creator, don’t post it. Crediting the creator means tagging them in a post, indicating if you have used the words, visuals, or both. Always give credit. 

If sharing UGC on multiple platforms, ask how the creator wants to be credited across all channels. For instance, if there is a photo from Facebook on your Instagram page, as the creator, they already have a Facebook page to tag in. 

Providing original credits builds a good brand impression, trust among others, and recognition of both parties. The creator is happy doing their job, and you are pleased too. Crediting also makes it easy to find the original creator and confirms that someone outside your company made the content.

Clarity on Content-Type

UGC creators want you to share their work, but they also need to understand what kind of content you prefer. 

Astonishingly, only 16% of brands give clear instructions about it. Either they have no clue what type of user-generated content they want or give vague ideas. However, over half of customers want brands to provide clear instructions when making a UGC post. So, do not hesitate to be specific. Make it simple for people to create and share content.

If you don’t give instructions, the creator may make something that goes against your vision or brand’s image. When you provide a set of guidelines, it helps the creator align with the brand’s values and message. 

Plus, it helps you understand the type of content you seek.


Let's talk about consistency when discussing user-generated content (UGC). Once you start getting UGC, you want some regularity for the consumers, right? One way to do this is by running hashtag campaigns and competitions. These campaigns encourage people to keep sharing their content, ensuring you have a steady stream of UGC coming your way.

When there is a consistent flow of UGC posts, it helps keep your audience engaged and excited about your brand. Plus, it gives you plenty of content to work with for your marketing efforts. So, remember to keep those hashtag campaigns and competitions going to maintain that steady flow of UGC!

Taste Success through User-generated Content 

We have discussed why user-generated content is a winner! You can use these ideas to start creating your own UGC. Better conversion rates are a big reason to try it out.

But if you need help, Privy Reviews is one such firm that can assist you achieve visibility from user-generated content. Being part of Privy Reviews can make you happy for several reasons. You become famous and even earn money.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team who can help you. It is the chance to grow as a creator and earn well. Become an expert at making incredible user-generated content and shine away.