How to Increase YouTube Subscribers?

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers?

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08 Dec 2023


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Did you know users collectively watch 1 billion hours of YouTube content every day? That averages out to roughly 8.4 minutes per person per day! Given its immense popularity, marketers find it challenging to overlook the potential of video marketing on this platform.
However, the widespread appeal of YouTube also means intense competition for attention.

Many of us have found ourselves engrossed in marathon sessions of travel or cooking videos. The crucial question is how to divert attention from viral videos and attract more subscribers to their channels. Addressing this challenge is the primary focus of this article. 

If you've invested time in creating video content, it's about needing a return on that investment. One effective way to achieve this is by growing your subscriber base.

Nearly all novice and experienced YouTubers encounter the struggle of increasing subscribers. 

Therefore, it's time to strategically work on expanding your subscriber count. Regardless of your background, the goal should always be to gain more, not fewer, YouTube subscribers. 

We have jotted down how to increase YouTube subscribers through 18 powerful and result-driven steps. Keep reading! 

How To Increase YouTube Subscribers?

We acknowledge the temptation to purchase YouTube subscribers. Rest assured, we won't criticize you for considering it. However, it's crucial to dispel any illusions – buying subscribers is not a viable solution. The reality is that top YouTube creators don't invest in dubious growth schemes. Instead, they focus on producing exceptional content and implementing unique strategies.

These creators are too engrossed in crafting outstanding videos and adopting distinctive approaches. As a team of social media experts, we're well-versed in some of the most effective strategies for genuine growth. 

These strategies encompass straightforward, real-world tactics that can kickstart the expansion of a legitimate YouTube following immediately. Let's delve into these approaches! 

1. Verify Your Google Account

Picture this! You're at a swanky party, and the bouncer stops you at the entrance. Annoying, right? Well, that's what an unverified Google account feels like on YouTube. So, verify it! Click on that Google account profile, find the verification link, and voila – you’re the VIP of the online world. 

Having a verified account isn't just for the ego boost. It opens doors to features like custom thumbnails and live streaming. It's like getting the golden ticket without dealing with Willy Wonka's weirdness.

Remember, verified equals legit. It’s one of the most brilliant ways to get more YouTube subscribers. People trust a verified account. You wouldn’t want your viewers second-guessing if your content is the real deal, would you?

2. Add a custom channel trailer

Lights, camera, action! Your Google account has got its sparkly verified badge. Now, roll out the red carpet with a custom channel trailer. Think of it as the movie trailer for your YouTube journey. Be the Spielberg of your content and create a trailer that leaves viewers screaming, "Encore!"

It is your chance to showcase your charisma, creativity, and what makes your channel the hottest thing since sliced bread. Keep it short, sweet, and impossible to resist – a sneak peek into the awesomeness that is your channel. Get ready for subscribers to flood in like fans at a pop concert!

Remember, in the world of YouTube, authenticity is your superhero cape, and a killer trailer is your sidekick. Now go forth, conquer, and let the subscribers roll in like a tsunami of internet fame! Do your keyword research for titles, descriptions, and hashtags

3. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Welcome to the optimization station! If you want to skyrocket your YouTube subscribers, it's time to give your channel a VIP treatment. First off, create a catchy channel banner that screams, "Click me, I'm awesome!" 

Add a profile picture that says, "I’m not just a face; I'm the face of entertainment." Make your About section pop like a popular face at a party. Sprinkle keywords, let people know you're the maestro behind the camera, and drop a hint of your secret sauce. 

Now, let's talk thumbnails. These are like the front page of a tabloid – sensational, eye-grabbing, and irresistible. Create thumbnails that make folks go, "I HAVE to see what's happening there!" Bold fonts, vibrant colors, and a touch of mystery – a thumbnail should be a mini-movie poster for your video.

Remember, your YouTube home is not a haunted mansion – organize it! Create playlists like a DJ crafting a killer setlist. Group similar videos into binge-worthy playlists. 

It is the VIP lounge for your content. And don't forget those video descriptions. SEO isn’t a secret society; let it in. Sprinkle those keywords like and give viewers a sneak peek into the video wonderland they're about to enter.

4. Use Power Playlists

Get ready to play it smart with power playlists – the superheroes of YouTube success. These playlists are your sidekicks in the quest for more subscribers. Give them a catchy title; make it sound like the hottest mixtape of the year. Add videos strategically – it's like arranging a bouquet, but instead of flowers, you're using content to woo your audience.

Ditch the dusty, old default playlist and create something magnetic. Arrange videos like a pro storyteller – start with a hook, build up the excitement, and end with a cliffhanger. It's like a TV series, but shorter and with more subscribe buttons.

And guess what? Playlists aren't just for viewers; they're SEO’s favorite playground. Keywords in playlist titles and descriptions are like catnip for search engines. So, craft your playlists with the finesse of a sushi chef. 

You will watch those subscriber numbers roll in like applause after a blockbuster performance. If you are looking for reliable ways to increase YouTube subscribers, we recommend it!

 5. Publish Long Videos

Buckle up, YouTube enthusiasts! If you want to be the king or queen of the YouTube game, consider this golden nugget of wisdom: publish long videos. We're not talking about those short snippets; Talking about the feature-length films of the YouTube world. Why? Because YouTube's algorithm is like a wise wizard; it loves watch time. The more minutes people spend watching your content, the more YouTube thinks you're the hottest thing since sliced bread.

So, grab your popcorn and create videos that make 'Lord of the Rings' look like a quick coffee break. Dive deep into your content, explore every nook and cranny, and keep your audience glued to the screen. It's like the longer you keep them engaged, the more likely they are to hit that juicy subscribe button.

6. Add a Brand Watermark

While talking about how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube, let's talk watermarks. These are not the ones you find on your coffee table. This is the digital confetti for your YouTube channel.

Generate brand watermark like it's a mustache at a masquerade ball. This nifty little image is your brand's signature move. It's like leaving your mark on the vast canvas of YouTube.

We advise you to imagine your watermark as your YouTube channel's superhero emblem. It will keep popping up in the corner of the screen, saying, "Hey, I'm here, and I mean business!" It's a visual reminder for your viewers that they're in the presence of greatness. 

Go ahead, and create a watermark that's as unforgettable as grandma's secret cookie recipe. It’s one of the smart ways to get more subscribers on YouTube. It's about making your mark in the YouTube universe.

7. Focus On video quality and sound quality

A strong partnership of video and sound quality is your answer to “how to increase YouTube subscribers.” I'm not talking about turning your cat videos into Hollywood productions. However, let's get serious about making your content as sharp as your wit!

First things first, pixelate the pixelation! Crisp video quality is like the salt of the YouTube universe – it enhances everything. Invest in a decent camera. Your viewers shouldn't mistake your masterpiece for an abstract art piece. 

Now, let's tune in, literally! The audio is your video's wingman, and we all know a great wingman is crucial. Nobody wants to strain their ears deciphering your epic monologue. Invest in a quality microphone; your voice deserves a clear platform. From our years of experience in the YouTube world, we have understood that it's not just about what you say. It is also about how your audience can hear its brilliance. 

In the end, think of your video and sound quality as the dynamic duo. They're Batman and Robin, Chandler and Joey – inseparable. Elevate them, and you'll have your viewers hitting the subscribe button before they even know it!

8. Reply To Every Comment

Are you wondering how to get free YouTube subscribers? A wise pirate once said, "Reply to every comment, and ye shall find the treasure of subscribers." Well, maybe not, but it's still golden advice!
Why, you ask? Comments are like the breadcrumbs your audience leaves behind. Follow the trail, and you might discover the secret path to Subscribers' Island. Replying shows you're not a content dictator. 

Rather, you're a democratic creator, valuing each opinion like it's the last chocolate chip cookie.

Our suggestion is to engage, don't enrage! Responding to comments isn't just manners, it's a savvy strategy. It's like hosting a virtual tea party – the more, the merrier. Moreover, who wouldn't want to subscribe to a channel where the host is the life of the party?

So, get your typing fingers flexed and dive into that comment section. You're not just answering; you're building a community. Subscribers don't just follow content. They also follow creators who make them feel seen. 

9. Write a Compelling Channel Description

Crafting a magnetic channel description is your virtual handshake with potential subscribers. Don't just spill the beans about your channel. We advise you to make it a tantalizing invitation to join your content party! 

Start with a bang, maybe a joke that hits harder than a dad joke at a family reunion. An attention-grabbing line sets the mood – think of it as the headline for your YouTube resume.

Now, dive into the nitty-gritty. What makes your channel the VIP lounge of content? Highlight your quirks like a proud peacock displaying its feathers. Our advice is to speak directly to your audience! They want to feel seen and heard. 

Use vivid language that paints a mental masterpiece. If your content is as spicy as a jalapeño in a snowstorm, convey that heat! Share your journey, the ups, the downs – it's like bonding over a cup of coffee. 

Inject some personality – emojis are your sentence's accessories. Nevertheless, remember, moderation is key; you're not running a digital circus. Throw in a call-to-action that's as irresistible as a blueberry cheesecake. Make them click that subscribe button like it's the last slice of pizza at a party.

10. Use an Awesome Channel Icon

Your channel icon is like the Batman symbol for your content crusade. You ought to make it epic! It's the first thing potential subscribers see, so make it as memorable as possible. We suggest you make sure it's visible on all devices. No one likes squinting like they just stumbled into an optometrist's office.

Colors speak volumes, like a silent movie with a vibrant soundtrack. Pick a palette that screams "YOUR BRAND" louder. Remember, consistency is key. Your icon should be as reliable as your morning coffee. If your content is diverse, find an icon that's the Swiss Army knife of visual representation.

Strike a balance between simplicity and uniqueness. You're not trying to confuse subscribers like a Rubik's Cube. Test your icon with friends, family, or even your neighbors. If they recognize it, you're on the right track. Remember, your icon is the Beyoncé of your channel. All you have to do is make it flawless and iconic! It is one of the most result-driven strategies to get YouTube subscribers.

11. Create a Channel Tagline

Working on a channel tagline is one of the proven ideas to increase the YouTube subscribers that you are looking for. Your channel tagline is like your online dating bio. Make it catchy and intriguing, and allow people to want to hit that subscribe button faster.

Your tagline is your channel's first impression, so make it count! Forget the boring stuff and focus on spicing it up. Instead of "Tech Tips and Tricks," try something, like "Nerding Out on Gadgets - Where Geeks Rule and Tech Drools!" Remember, you're not just selling content, you're selling an experience. 

Now, think of your tagline as the ultimate elevator pitch. Imagine you're in an elevator with Elon Musk and you've got 30 seconds to blow his mind. That's your tagline's job – make it short, snappy, and impossible to ignore. 

Be clear about what you offer but, throw in a dash of mystery to keep them coming back for more. After all, who doesn't love a good mystery? "Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe, One Video at a Time." 

12. Optimize for Watch Time

Often people wonder how to grow your YouTube channel & and gain subscribers. Only experienced YouTubers know it's not just about how many subscribers you have. It's about how long they stick around for the show. Imagine your videos are a rollercoaster – you want people to stay on for the whole ride, not bail after the kiddie loop.
To optimize for watch time, you have to keep things quirky and engaging. Start with a bang because no one wants a slow start. It's like a first date that begins with discussing the weather. 

Craft your content like a Hollywood blockbuster, with twists, turns, and maybe a plot twist, or two. We don't suggest you drag it out like a never-ending story. People have short attention spans, and you are not here for a filibuster.

And remember, it's not just about the quantity of videos; it's about quality. If your content is gripping enough, viewers will stick around. Consequently, your watch time will skyrocket faster. So, be entertaining, be informative, and most importantly, be binge-worthy!

13. Embed YouTube Videos In Blog Posts

Embedding your YouTube videos in your blog posts is like throwing a party and inviting all your friends. The friends, in this case, are your subscribers! By doing this, you create a seamless experience for your audience. Just like, a smooth dance move, your content flows effortlessly from the blog to the video and back again.

Visualize your blog as a cozy coffee shop and your video is the barista serving the main entertainment. When visitors enjoy your blog, they're enticed to sip on the video goodness too. When you embed videos in your posts, it keeps your audience engaged and boosts your YouTube visibility. It's like hitting two targets with one stone. 

Make your blog the VIP lounge for your YouTube videos. The more people hanging out there, the more likely they are to subscribe. With time, your little corner of the internet will turn into a bustling hotspot.

 14. End Videos With a Strong CTA

All right, rockstar, it's showtime! You've dazzled your audience with your video masterpiece, and now it's time for the grand finale – the Call To Action (CTA). Think of it like the superhero landing at the end of a movie. You must make sure it's epic and everyone remembers it.

Your CTA should be a mic-drop moment, compelling viewers to hit that subscribe button. Be bold, be clear and be unapologetically yourself. It's like signing off with a wink and a smile – irresistible! 
For instance, "Don't be shy, hit that subscribe button, and join the coolest club on the internet. We've got memes and virtual high-fives waiting for you!"

Remember, a strong CTA is your secret weapon. With this, you will not simply ask for a subscription. You will also extend an invitation to join your exclusive party. Make it impossible for your viewers to resist. Soon your subscriber count will be soaring higher than a superhero taking flight!

15. Collaborate with other creators

Want to boost your YouTube subscriber count faster than a superfast bullet train? Well, partner up! Collaborating with fellow creators is like creating a content cocktail that leaves viewers thirsty for more. When you join forces, you tap into each other's audiences and double the fun. It's like the Avengers assembling but with cameras instead of capes.

You bring your charm, they bring their charisma, and together, you become an unstoppable duo. It does not just revolve around making videos. It's about making magic happen. Viewers love variety, and collaborating adds spice to their subscription feed. Partnering with leading creators is like a dynamic dance-off but with pixels and hashtags.

If you are seeking simple ways to increase YouTube subscribers, reach out to creators whose content complements yours. Whether it's a gaming guru or a beauty virtuoso, we recommend you find your content soulmate. 

Remember, collaboration is the secret sauce to YouTube's success. Therefore, go ahead, share the spotlight, and watch those subscriber numbers skyrocket!

16. Promote Your YouTube Channel

Promoting your channel is like throwing a virtual party, and you're the life of it. It’s one of the best tips to grow subscribers on YouTube, one can suggest. Start by pimping out your social media like a boss. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—every platform is a stage for your YouTube debut.

Get creative with your teasers! Make them curious like Marvel fans on a first day, first show. We recommend to share snippets, behind-the-scenes hilarity, and much more inside stories. Let us tell you that promotion is not about being a show-off. It's about sharing the joy of your content. 

People nowadays love originality. Slide into relevant communities, forums, and discussions, dropping your channel link like a trail of footprints.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Tell your friends, peers, neighbors, and family members to tell your boss. Spread the word like gossip in a small town. The more you promote, the more subscribers you attract. Before you know it, you'll be the talk of the town, or at least the internet!

17. Think in Terms of Playlists – and Create More of Them

Boosting your YouTube subscribers is like creating a playlist for success! We consider playlists as the superhero squads of a channel, each video joining forces to captivate your audience. Create more of these power-packed playlists, grouping videos with similar themes. It's like arranging a fantastic lineup of your best content for viewers to binge-watch seamlessly.

When you think, in terms of playlists, you're orchestrating an organized feast for your audience. These are not individual videos; it's about the collective experience. Think of it as curating a menu of content delights, where viewers can savor multiple servings in one go. 

This strategic playlist approach engages the audiences and encourages them to tap that subscribe button for a delightful journey. It’s a perfect answer to “how to increase YouTube subscribers.”

18. Promote Videos on Your End Screen

Picture your video's end screen as the final episode of a spectacular show. It's your chance to take a bow and leave a lasting impression. Our suggestion is not to miss the opportunity to promote more of your content here! 

Direct your audience to other captivating videos with a simple click. It's like guiding them to the next exciting chapter of your YouTube story.

Only veteran YouTubers like us know that in the YouTube world the end screen is your secret weapon. It's the spotlight on your channel's greatest hits. Use it to showcase your top-performing videos and invite viewers to subscribe for an encore. 

By actively promoting videos on your end screen, you're doing much more than just concluding one video. You're seamlessly ushering your audience into the next thrilling episode. It’s like enticing them to become dedicated subscribers hungry for more.

19. Never Stop Posting New Videos

Creating a consistent stream of content is like keeping the party going on your YouTube channel. Your channel is a lively gathering, and each video is an exciting guest arriving. We suggest you regularly post new videos to keep the energy high, and excitement buzzing. 

Quantity doesn’t matter always. It's about building a routine that your subscribers can rely on. So, toss some excitement and craze by uploading regularly!

Consistency is your YouTube channel’s bosom friend. When you maintain a steady flow of content, your subscribers won't feel like they're waiting in line at the amusement park. Instead, they'll be on a thrilling ride every time they visit. Don't leave them hanging; keep the party vibes alive by being the host with the most videos!

20. Track YouTube Analytics

What if you had a superpower that would have let you peek into the minds of your audience? Well, it's not quite telepathy, but it's close! It's YouTube Analytics! This tool is like your secret weapon. It gives you insights into what makes your audience tick. 

Dive into the world of data. You'll discover which videos are the rockstars and which ones need a little pep talk.

Numbers might seem intimidating but, think of them as your trusty sidekicks on this YouTube adventure. By keeping an eye on YouTube Analytics, you'll be the superhero of your channel. Be able to make informed decisions to keep the audience cheering. 

So, grab your analytics cape, embrace the data, and let the insights guide you toward YouTube stardom!

Frequently Asked Questions - 

Q1. How Do You Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube Fast?
To rapidly gain 1000 subscribers on YouTube, focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Consistency is key! Upload regularly to keep viewers interested. Utilize SEO strategies by optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags. 

Collaborate with other YouTubers and promote your videos on social media platforms. Our advice is to encourage your viewers to subscribe, like, and share your content. You can host giveaways or contests that can also attract new subscribers. Remember building a loyal audience takes time, so stay committed to delivering valuable content.

Q2. How To Get 1000 Views On YouTube?

Getting 1000 views on YouTube is not a big deal if you know the right strategies. Focus on creating engaging, high-quality content that appeals to your target audience. Optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags for searchability. 

Share your videos on social media platforms and collaborate with other content creators. Encourage viewers to like, comment, and subscribe, as engagement boosts visibility. Consistency is important. Regularly upload content to maintain audience interest. 

Additionally, participate in YouTube's community features, such as comments and discussions, to foster a loyal viewer base.

Q3. Does YouTube Pay For 100 Subscribers?

No, YouTube does not pay creators solely based on the number of subscribers. The YouTube Partner Program allows creators to monetize video content through ads. However, the eligibility criteria include 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months. 

While subscribers contribute to a channel's overall growth, revenue comes through ad views, channel memberships, and other monetization features.

Q4. Why I Am Not Getting Subscribers?

Gaining subscribers requires a strategic and effective approach. Evaluate your content to ensure it meets audience interests. Post high-quality, engaging content regularly. Optimize video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails to make them rank higher on YouTube searches. 

Interact with your audience through comments and social media. Collaborate with other creators to expand your reach. Utilize analytics to understand viewer behavior. We suggest you experiment with different content types to identify what resonates. 

Patience is crucial because building a subscriber base takes time and dedication.

Q5. Can I Buy YouTube Subscribers?

While it's technically possible to purchase YouTube subscribers, we are strongly against it. Buying subscribers goes against YouTube's terms of service and can result in serious consequences. It can cause suspension or removal of your channel. 

Additionally, purchased subscribers are often inactive or low-quality accounts, providing no real engagement. Focus on creating valuable content and promoting your channel organically to build a genuine and engaged audience. This approach ensures compliance with YouTube's policies and fosters a more sustainable and authentic channel growth.

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