Types of UGC Videos

Types of UGC Videos

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27 Mar 2024


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It is a fast-moving digital era where people share their stories, experiences, talents, and creativity with the world through online posts. Because of this, UGC videos have become a crucial part of our online culture. People post heartwarming moments,knowledgeable content, and hilarious memes that go viral overnight. 

You should know that 79% of the population have said that UGC videos have impacted their buying decisions. 60% of the population relies profoundly on social media to buy products seen in online videos. 

So, if you are a beginner or need updates about UGC videos, this is the blog to read. The concept of different types of UGC videos may be a bit confusing. But fret not—we are experts in this field and can shed some light on it. 

You will find it simple through our guidance and after getting a hang of it. We will explore the different types of user-generated content (UGC) videos, their impact, and the emergence of UGC platforms. 

Learn about UGC videos and their significance, and make your dreams come true.

What Is User-Generated Content Video?

Simply put, it is any video content created and shared by users rather than brands doing it themselves. Even traditional media outlets or professional marketers do not make such videos. Hence the name "user-generated". 

Content such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram videos are the primary sources of UGC videos. YouTube has around 2 billion viewers, and Instagram has approximately 2.4 billion monthly users. These platforms have become a good source for creating UGC. 

Users create homemade tutorials, product reviews, funny skits, and personal vlogs. The beauty of UGC videos lies in their legitimacy and variety. They offer a glimpse into the lives and perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

YouTube doesn't directly advertise products but gains trust through influencer marketing. Imagine watching a YouTube video where people endorse a brand. Videos, like unboxing ones and how products work, spark significant interest. Instagram videos, tagged with brands, are shared by actual customers. Brands repost them to connect with more people and improve promotions.

So, if you are looking for extra cash and a valuable method to amplify audience engagement, become a UGC creator. It is worth considering. 

Why Do Brands Prefer UGC?

Because of its authenticity and reliability, companies use different types of UGC videos. It helps make a positive headway toward sales and growth. 

Here are some more reasons why brands prefer user-generated content (UGC) over what they make themselves-

  • It's effective- People gain a genuine brand perspective because UGC videos are more meaningful and inviting, which makes them compelling. 
  • UGC reaches customers' expectations- Users love watching assorted UGC video genres. In this distracting era, it is challenging to create a video that grabs viewers' attention. Showing true-to-life content is a fierce game changer. Customers are more likely to buy products after watching videos rather than static content. 
  • It boosts credibility and brand advocacy- Individuals make UGC videos at their own will, without biases. Compared to other types of content, videos have the potential to create more trustworthiness and capture consumers' enthusiasm. It builds a strong bond between the brand and its customers, hence credibility and brand advocacy.
  • UGC makes your brand seem more human- Sure, Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world, but a human touch is what makes UGC a much better medium.
  • It boosts word-of-mouth marketing- The buzz remains high through UGC, and people tend to talk about it more than expected, leading to brand awareness and high sales. 
  • Increases how genuine your brand appears- The visibility and trust factors are elevated, so you can expect more product sales and show more authenticity. It makes your brand seem more reliable and believable.
  • It is cheaper- Genuine and passionate people create such videos with no hi-tech tools. They pick and make assorted UGC video genres for the process and love of it. That is why UGC is cheaper for brands. All it may take is an iPhone, a ring light, a good microphone, and a pleasant background to create a video. 

User-created content helps brands meet customer needs, but the work does not end there. Brands should also learn to use such videos efficiently to improve their marketing tactics. 

The Different Types Of UGC Video Content

Many creators are so excited to start with this career that they need to dive deep to see the different varieties filled in this field. As creators, you must know the types of UGC videos. 

These are the types of UGC videos merchants should use-

Problem and Solution Oriented Videos

Since there are several UGC video types, let's start with the easiest one: Problems and Solutions UGC video. This type of video is the holy grail in the UGC advertising domain. The name suggests what it means. 

Users or creators communicate an issue and then offer a particular service or a product as a solution. It has a direct response formula, which is reliable for UGC-style advertisements for brands. 

Generally, if brands request a paid ad UGC content, they have to do the following- 

  • Explain the trouble
  • Stir up the issue
  • Offer your trouble as the solution
  • Include the features or benefits
  • CTA (call to action)

Such videos work well in domains like health, beauty, and medicine.

Features Point Out Advertisement

A popular type of advertisement is one that highlights a product's features. In the features-point-out ad, the advertisements are pretty straightforward and do not change much. However, they can work well if individuals do it in a style that feels like it comes from commoners or regular individuals, not just a company.

Think about the ads you watch where someone says, "I saw this on TikTok and had to buy it!" You talk about why you like the product and its uses. Finally, they tell you to buy it too.

The trick to making these advertisements work is to do some research. You need to figure out the most important benefits of the products for the people who will use them.

You can explain how the product's features help people rather than just writing them. If you can do that, your commercial will be a hit.

Listicle Method in UGC videos

While there are several types of user-generated content, the problem/solution method is the greatest of all time. But after that comes the listicle style. For instance, it can be something like- 5 reasons to try product X. It is easy to comprehend for the general audience, and the video is short enough- for the little attention span people have nowadays. 

The listicle style works well across different accounts, especially if one gets the issues right. This type of UGC video is also an impressive way to show off the creative side. Creators can show listicles in numerous ways in their UGC videos, making the process fun for them.

Reviews and Testimonial Videos

Among the different categories of user-generated video content, having something that has reviews and testimonials works well. It is another type of UGC video we are going to discuss. 

Previously, companies used to share written reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google. But now, things have changed a lot with user-generated content. 

Video reviews are a big thing now. They let you see the product or service in real-time and hear an opinion. People like this because it feels unpretentious when they see a face or hear their voice. It is honest and makes a strong impression.

For example, makeup reviews have become prevalent lately, especially on social media. It is wise to find out what other users think about beauty products because there are many options.

Tutorial/How To Videos

Among the various UGC video formats, the audience would love to take a look at a how-to or tutorial video. The product should connect with the topic, or their attention would drift away. 

The how-to or tutorial video is famous in the skincare and beauty industry. It is considered the personification of a content-first strategy. But let us be explicit—such videos are not limited to the beauty or skincare industry. They can work in any industry where you want to educate viewers. 

Videos in this category should have less of an advertisement essence, as they may be in poor taste. We have seen commercials that do not have the product or brand name, and yet the videos did so well because of their educational style. So try making such videos and subtly monetizing social media

Before and After Videos

The before and after UGC video content is another fascinating type that gains the audience's attention. Among the many, this style of UGC video production could bring the masses together in full throttle. 

Think of before-and-after content like a real-time review of your product. The "after" videos show the results when someone uses your product. When people see these results, they will be more interested in trying it themselves and find it believable. 

But you have to be careful with the type of commercial you show. Some regions have restrictions on such videos. For instance, you cannot use it if you are advertising a product for weight loss or getting cosmetic procedures done. 

When done right, before-and-after videos are powerful. They are splendid for advertisements and grab people's attention quickly. So, even if you are making an advertisement about solving a problem or showing how something works, try adding before-and-after content to show how well the product works.

Green Screen Videos 

Have you ever heard about the green screen? It is an age-old technique used in the entertainment industry, especially in film. A large green background is used in shots to add digital effects later. 

Experts often use the green screen effect to resolve specific issues. Brands usually use regular apps like Notes or social media for this, and it can genuinely grab people's attention. It is a go-to method for tech companies. 

Here's how it works- 

  1. Start your video with a greenscreen visual. It could be a picture of a notes app, the brand's website, or something that fits.
  2. Then, introduce your product.
  3. Next, show off what your product can do and how it helps people.
  4. Show how using your product can make life better.
  5. Finally, tell people what to do next, like where to buy your product or how to learn more about it. (CTA)

Your videos stand out because this method increases the product's visibility.

The UGC Mash-Up Type

One type of UGC video content among the user-generated video types is the UGC mash-up. You might not be putting this together, but you can still participate by providing your videos and voiceovers. And let us assure you, it's an effective way. 

It is how it works-

People gather videos from different users and combine them into one ad commercial. This video uses the authenticity and relatability of UGC to connect better with the audience. Usually, a voiceover talks about a problem and how the product solves it. 

So, even if you are not the one making the whole thing, your content can still be part of something bigger and more impactful.

Trends Video

Trends, by definition, are things that change or develop in a particular direction. They are the best indicators of what your audience wants. Thanks to the social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram reels that keep showing us new reels. The reels on these platforms have a unique sound, whether old or new, backed with great lyrics or choreography. Creators can perform it in a typical point-of-view style. 

Brands use different kinds of videos made by regular people to share their messages. They often join in on popular trends on social media to do this.

For example, Carrefour is a company that often makes TikTok videos. Their videos feel like they are made by genuine users. They are good at using trends in their videos. One video they made was part of the "You laugh, you lose" trend, but they changed it to "You laugh, you pay" to fit their message.

Selection of UGC video classification in trends-

  • Oddly Satisfying UGC videos- There have been a few rounds of "oddly satisfying." 
  • Videos- People love watching videos that are repetitive in action or feature events that are pleasing to them. Examples are pressure washing videos, domino shows, paint waxing, soap cutting videos, and slime or food ASMR videos. Brands can use this trend to show how satisfying their products are. 
  • Dance trends- Brands can participate in popular dance trends to get noticed. They can even encourage people to join in and become part of their community. 
  • Lip-syncing- Using popular audio clips or songs, brands can connect with their audience and stay on their minds. Sometimes, brands can add a fun twist to make it more entertaining, like combining it with dance trends. 
  • Comedic Skits- Everyone loves a bit of humor, especially with negativity everywhere. Humor is vital on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Brands can work with creators to make funny videos that also show off their product's benefits. This gives the audience a good impression. 

Product Unboxing Videos

Product unboxing is a long-standing trend. Creators create fascinating videos of product arrivals nowadays, and it is a popular UGC video format on social media. 

The video usually contains clips of individuals filming themselves unwrapping a package. It has grabbed the attention for a long time because people feel like they are opening gifts on Christmas day. 

Some unboxing videos can influence viewers in an enchanting way. Therefore, creators don't edit them for authenticity. Others do it at a faster pace with montage. 

Did you know that if you search for "unboxing" on YouTube, you will see a whopping 20 million results? Plus, a Google survey found that one out of every five people has watched an unboxing video. It is how famous such UGC videos are!
You can use this to leverage and create stunning videos.

Lifestyle Videos

Different types of videos are made by regular people that show how products fit into their lives. Several lifestyle videos appear on social media every day. 

These videos show how products are part of our daily routines. Sometimes, it is a detailed vlog for the audience to show how the product affects them. For example, it's easy to see the brand if someone films themselves running in the park with their new Nike shoes. It is a great way to show how a product fits into people's everyday lives. 

People will believe and trust the brand based on what they see. The video can be for beauty products, food products, pet products, and more.

Hashtag Campaigning Videos

Haven't we all been subjected to hashtag trends at one point? Some famous ones were the #IceBucketChallenge, #ShotOniPhone, and #ShareACoke campaigns. The world witnessed the reign of these hashtags like none other. 

These are some of the classic examples of promotional events via hashtags. Individuals posted content related to the hashtag. Using brand hashtags creates dependability for the product, especially when the entire world is doing it. 

Brands that create hashtag campaigns increase the interaction levels with their audience. It is an ideal tool for showing user-generated content during an occasion or making it a success. 

Word-of-mouth through such challenges creates an extra buzz that is good for the brand. Customers speak their minds and share experiences with the company that are displayed globally. Such a marketing tactic via UGC videos generates the desired success companies want to see.

Be A Winner- Create Different UGC Videos Now!

Making videos is more challenging than you think. One needs various ideas to remain consistent and accurate to yourself and the brand. Eventually, people will know if you are faking it or if it is genuine, so be careful about that. The comment section can be nasty if you don't post well. 

As mentioned above, keep everything in mind and use different types of UGC video methods. You should also have patience, as success does not come overnight. 

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Frequently Asked Questions- 

1. What Does UGC Stand For?

UGC stands for user-generated content. It refers to any content- such as videos, reviews, or posts- created by users of online platforms rather than the platform itself. UGC adds realism and variety to online communities. It shapes the digital experiences and impacts people in different ways.

2. Where Do I Post My UGC Videos?

Publishing UGC videos is easy, but finding the right place to post them can be tricky. Essentially, one can post UGC videos on any platform. Just be careful that it's the right platform for the brand, the audience, and you. 

Instances of places where one can post UGC videos-

  • Social media- Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube are ideal places to post varieties of user-generated content videos. 
  • There are online pages or groups where individuals can post UGC videos. 
  • Brands allow creators to upload UGC videos to their websites. Therefore, you have another platform to publish your video. Just remember to use appropriate hashtags. 
  • Lastly, use online video-sharing platforms like Vimeo or Dailymotion- but users must provide the right to use the content, or it may be restricted to one platform only.

3. How To Create A UGC Video?

Creating a UGC content is easy. Here's how to create UGC successfully-

  • Choose the brand or items you want to promote.
  • Use or buy the product for an authentic experience.
  • Capture the experience using your smartphone or a camera.
  • Edit the video with filters or music, keeping it natural.
  • Share the UGC video on various platforms.
  • Use relevant hashtags to expand your reach.
  • Engage with users by responding to comments and feedback.
  • Obtain copyright permission to reuse UGC for tutorials, web pages, and more.

4. What Is A Successful UGC?

One of the most successful UGCs is the ShotOniPhone campaign. Apple noticed that users weren't happy with the results of iPhone camera photos taken in the dark, so they launched the #ShotOniPhone campaign to regain their trust. The campaign encouraged new and expert photographers to share low-light photos.

Apple showcased these impressive photos on YouTube titled "Shot on iPhone." This UGC campaign impressed many, saved on camera improvements (reduced manufacturing and development costs, and made customers feel valued by featuring their photos in global ads.

5. What Are The Issues With UGC?

Like everything, UGC has issues, too. Problems with UGC include the potential for inappropriate content, lack of control over message accuracy, and difficulty in managing large volumes. 

Additionally, there is a risk of negative user experiences impacting brand reputation. Content moderation is essential for UGC, as it can pose legal and ethical concerns, requiring careful oversight and moderation strategies.

6. Is UGC Effective?

UGC videos are highly effective in several ways. They are reliable and genuine, and they build consumer engagement and trust, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.

UGC also presents valuable insights into the preferences of consumers and behavior patterns. With such qualities, one can harness the powers of UGC and create diverse UGC video styles. 

Brands create meaningful connections and make an impact.