How To Make ASMR Videos?

How To Make ASMR Videos?

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17 May 2024


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As a content creator, you will be familiar with the growing trend of ASMR videos. Millions of people have been attached to this trend, avidly watching YouTube and TikTok videos. People are mesmerized by this event mainly due to the sensation and stimulation these videos provide. 

ASMR videos are described as a static-like sensation that brings a relaxing and soothing feeling that spreads from the scalp to the spine. It has developed as a subculture in the past few years and has faced growing popularity.

Satisfying images and gentle sounds like whispers, accents, and crackles cause it. It is becoming popular as it provides stress relief and sound relaxation. According to studies, it has been seen that heart rate is reduced while watching ASMR videos; it is also known to relieve chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. 

Are you intrigued by the world of ASMR and wondering how to make an ASMR video? This blog will explore soothing sounds and visuals that offer positive sensations. 

We will explore the fascinating world of how to make an ASMR video, unravel the mystery behind its growing popularity, and learn about the techniques that make these videos so effective. 

What are ASMR Videos?

ASMR is the autonomous sensory meridian response, a sensory feeling that increases relaxation and helps deal with anxiety. ASMR creates a tingling sensation that runs across the scalp and back of the neck. This happens when audio and visual stimuli trigger it. 

ASMR is a physical and psychological experience. It involves a feeling of calm, happiness, and sleep, and it causes a sensation on the scalp and down the back of the neck and spine. 

Most people experience ASMR when they feel gentle hand movements, a light touch, see a smiling face, or even hear trigger sounds like whispering, crinkling of the paper, rubbing of fingers, or even smacking lips.

These videos can be categorized as both food and non-food videos. The food videos are paired with Mukbang (a Korean trend that broadcasts a person eating or drinking and it is done in a close-up frame). 

The non-food videos emphasize whispers, soft crinkles, or finger flutters accompanied by repeated movements, leaving sensitive viewers with goosebumps.

How does ASMR work?

Relaxing visuals and auditory stimulation trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response. There is a broad and growing range of such things, including hand movements, scratching, whispering, and tapping. 

Let's explore why most people get addicted to ASMR videos -

When ASMR triggers any individual, it impacts the prefrontal cortex's reward system, bringing about emotional satisfaction. Tapping into this, individuals release a tingling feeling from the top of the head and down to the neck and spine. 

With ASMR, people experience lower stress and anxiety, helping them to sleep easily. They even get various triggers from ASMR. Some enjoy videos of mundane tasks like spraying a water bottle, stirring a bowl of soup, tapping, or crinkling wrapping paper. 

ASMR causes calming and tingling sensations, also known as brain massage. This feeling starts on the scalp and eventually moves down the body. This experience varies from person to person; each individual has different responses and triggers. 

ASMR artists use Advanced ASMR techniques and multiple objects to create sounds like the opening of bottles, chewing gums and candies, and crinkling wrappers. Some people watch videos with soft ASMR sounds to help them fall asleep, while others can use the brain sensations from these videos for relaxation.

Best Editing Software for ASMR Videos

Unlock the full potential of your ASMR creations with professional editing tools. These tools enhance the overall video quality and make your videos easy and elegant. It is specially tailored for your ASMR audience. Explore powerful platforms for crafting immersive ASMR experiences.

ASMR creators use certain vital features to develop the qualities of ASMR video like –

Fine-Tuned Video Editing Tools: 

ASMR videos are also called ear-to-ear sounds; the visual aspect is vital. The ASMR artists play short dramas, wide shots, and close-ups to get an engaging picture. The editor should even come with advanced cutting, trimming, and merging tools to ensure seamless transitions and maintain the ASMR atmosphere throughout the video. 

VSDC Video Editor 

This is good for handling multi-track projects. ASMR artists don't use camera audio and prefer good sound quality from a mic. With VSDC, you can separate the original video and audio tracks. You can even add the mic-recorded audio and make precise synchronization. 

ASMR video and capturing the story from multiple angles, the VSDC provides crossfades to blend wide shots and close-ups and offer engaging storytelling. Even if the fundamental transitions don't match your outlook, VSDC delivers the tools to create your own.

The Lift, Gamma, and Gain Control Wheels help change the video's color tone with a few clicks. The RGB curves allow you to adjust the brightness and contrast levels, thus improving the video's appearance. 

It even incorporates the visual effects onto the waveform or visualizes the audio with VSDC's audio spectrum.

Visual Effects and Filters: 

Adding quality visual effects and filters helps develop the overall appeal of the ASMR videos. This helps create videos without any distractions from the audio part. 

Good lighting and a top-grade camera can make the whole filming process easier and lower the time required for post-production. The creators aim to do more than improve the overall image. They might specialize in certain elements, like adding darker tones to create an intimate atmosphere in the video.

High-Quality Audio Editing Capabilities:  

ASMR videos depend greatly on sound quality, so editing and enhancing the audio is vital. The video editing options include - 

  • Noise reduction  
  • Compression 
  • De-reverbing
  • Equalizer
  • Sound effects improving the ASMR experience
  • DaVinci Resolve

This software functions from a color correction and grading tool to a good-quality audio editor. It offers audio enhancement options, like a compressor to reduce volume disparities between the loudest and quietest sounds, an equalizer to address some audio issues, a de-reverb plug-in to eliminate echo effects, and audio filters. 

Top-Notch Editing Software for ASMR Videos

PowerDirector - Best Overall Software

PowerDirector is the solution if you want to create beautiful and calming visuals with little effort. With ready-made templates for YouTube intros and outros, personalized titles, and audio enhancements, you can have the ASMR videos edited and uploaded successfully within a few minutes.

It helps you create smooth transitions so the viewers won't snap out of their excited minds. A chroma essential tool for the green screens can allow you to replace backgrounds. 

You can even change the color of your videos or blur the sides around you to create a soothing effect. PowerDirector works with speech enhancement options that reduce unwanted background noise to achieve crisp and clear audio.

This powerful tool has a large-scale sound effects library, from animal to kitchen sounds. Choosing serene and soft music from the stock adds suitable music to fit the length of your video with Smart Fit. 

AudioDirector - The ultimate audio editing tool

Another option for editing the ASMR videos is using AudioDirector. It is considered to be the ultimate audio editing tool. It eliminates echo from the sound clips and comes with restoration tools. This is done to get distraction-free audio without any distortion.

How to Shoot and Record an ASMR Video?

From crafting engaging narratives and sequences to using various techniques and triggers perfectly. There are certain essential factors to consider when producing a good ASMR video. Bringing to you A step-by-step guide on how to make a good ASMR video -

 1. Decide what to film

If you start shooting the ASMR videos, you should start with the most popular triggers. These include whispering, fingernail tapping, eating sounds, role-playing, gliding over objects, and skincare or makeup. 

You should always choose something you are comfortable with because it will impact the audience if it is tense. 

2. Preparing the room

It is essential to ensure that the room is soundproof. You can use sheets, blankets, or furniture to absorb the noise if there is an echo. If you are setting up a permanent home studio, install acoustic foam. 

The best way to avoid the external noise is to film in an interior room, or you can try to film late at night when the outdoor noise is minimal. 

After the soundproofing is done, you should work on the visuals. Also, the room should be clear of clutter and distractions, with lighting and soft furnishings. 

3. Practice sounds/Speaking

You should test your microphone and practice speaking on different sides. Then, listen back to the voice to ensure there are no implosives. If you are making ASMR sounds with multiple props, you can try them out and see if the mic is picking them up. Adjusting the room and microphone placement is necessary. 

4. Record your video

Speaking in a low voice and paying attention to grooming. Both audio and video should be checked before recording. Some ASMR videos are as long as 4 hours; thus, you should ensure your equipment is charged before starting.

 5. Lighting

A good light setting is essential for creating the right visual atmosphere in the ASMR videos. Diffused and low lighting creates a calming and inviting effect. The ring or soft lights provide lighting that improves the visual quality without jarring or unnecessary shadows. 

 6. Accessories and Props

ASMR involves various props to create specific sounds, like brushes, tapping, and crinkling of materials. High-quality headphones are also essential for ASMR artists to monitor audio and ensure the sounds trigger the intended response.   

 7. Upgrade Your Audio

Good-quality audio can have a dramatic effect on the video quality of the ASMR. With a more sensitive mic, the overall demonstration gets better. 

 8. Use Voice-Over

It is not easy to capture the ASMR audio and video together simultaneously. Thus, you can focus on recording your audio and then upload it as a voice-over. You can combine your audio with a video clip from the stock library for a relaxing and pleasing video. 

 9. Write A Loose Script

It is advised to keep a checklist to maintain all the factors in producing a successful ASMR video. It will also help to stay on track, and a good script will help to stay true to the product or service. 

10. Get Organized

Professional ASMR artists use many tools and Popular ASMR triggers to tell their stories. You can even prepare them in advance and avoid constantly cutting the clip.

11. Be Natural

Being confident on camera doesn't come naturally. Repetition makes it easier to get a grip and feel comfortable enough to shoot, which makes the ASMR videos more authentic. 

How to Edit an ASMR Video?

Start with the basics, master trimming and arranging clips, and enhance audio to craft a smooth relaxation flow. Then, explore the process of sharing your ASMR masterpiece with the world. 

A detailed process of editing the ASMR video - 

Import video and audio files

It is essential to ensure you have enough space on the hard drive, mainly if the ASMR video is long. You should keep your camera well-charged before importing it so it doesn't die out in the middle.

You can also use your smartphone for filming. Here, you can directly edit on your phone or even import the footage on the computer. If you shoot with a camera, connect it to your PC or use the SD card as required. 

Most common editing software, like PowerDirector, comes with the Import Files button. This can move the media directly from the outside source into the editing suite. Thus, it helps to save the hassle of transferring all the files to the desktop.

 Add media to the timeline

Once the import is done, you can drag and drop them onto the editing timeline in the order in which you want them to be played. You can even move them around once they are in the timeline. 

Split and trim video

Splitting a clip means cutting it into halves. You can split your video, cutting back and forth between various shots to add any special effect to a specific part of the clip. You can also trim the videos and cut them off for a few seconds just when the video will start or end. 

Add Transitions or Special Effects

The addition of beautiful transitions helps the transition from one clip to another gently without any abruption. PowerDirector software has a variety of transitions from which to choose. You can drag and drop them between two clips or add them at the end of your timeline. 

Video special effects can include green screens or masking elements to help with visual clutter. They can also include glitter effects to copy the sounds you are creating. 

Fix/Add Audio 

This is a vital part of any ASMR video edit. You should remove background noise and fix any pops present. AudioDirector software has powerful AI speech enhancement tools to eliminate hums and disturbances with just a click. 

You can add background music or sound effects to improve or replace recorded sounds. You can play with the sound levels and lower anything that is extremely loud. 

Add Title and End Cards 

Don't miss out on the titles and end cards. It helps the viewers to find you. It even guides the viewers to your other content and social media pages. PowerDirector makes the work relatively easier with its text of intro/outro templates. 

Produce and Upload

With the PowerDirector software, you can click the produce button and choose the required format for your file. This allows them to link the YouTube account to upload the finished video directly to the site. 

What Do You Need to Make an ASMR Video?

Many people seek ASMR videos to help them feel relaxed or fall asleep. You should know how to create an ASMR video that calms your senses and makes you feel comfortable. 

You don't need a long scenario or unique costumes to make this video. You only need to care about the equipment, a place to shoot, and a good performance.  Whether showcasing a product or providing a relaxing experience for the viewers, having specific equipment is a must.  

There are four key factors you need to make your own ASMR video:  

  • A Room
  • Equipment
  • Performance
  • Editing Software or App

A Room

The first thing to consider is the location. ASMR is a lot about sound; thus, it is crucial to ensure that the room is quiet and that there are no external sounds. It should function as a recording studio and be soundproofed for the best results. 


ASMR is about relaxing and helping viewers sleep, so avoid harsh overhead and fluorescent lights. Having good lighting is crucial for creating videos. 

Natural light is a suitable option for the studio light, and ring lights are also available for the ASMR videos. Candles or lamps with warm, low-wattage bulbs are ideal for the videos. 

Finally comes Décor. Some posters can distract the audience, so the ideal setting would be neutral and relaxing. You have to angle the camera to a neutral-colored wall and then add a couple of pillows for softness. 

If there is no space for a neutral setting, you could cover the background with a blanket or a green screen. 


The two most essential things that are required are a camera and a microphone.  A good-quality microphone is unnecessary for various YouTube videos, but it is a must-have for ASMR. 

Most artists whisper during their videos; thus, relying only on the camera or phone mic to pick up sound is not a good option. ASMR creators even interact with the microphone, tapping it with their hands or other objects for a suitable effect. You will require various props for other videos, like a brush and clippers for a pretend visit to the hairdresser. 

A microphone

For exceptional videos, it is essential to invest in a top-notch microphone. A primary USB microphone can also be used, but that will directly impact the overall quality of the video. 

Are you wondering how to make an ASMR video with headphones? Headphones are an essential factor to consider as they provide high-quality performance. Noise-canceling headphones are ideal, as they can stop external noise to help you focus. 

A laptop or computer 

You will require a strong processor and enough RAM to run the programs.  


It is the final performance that naturally creates the ASMR feel. You can learn how to speak and move slowly. Even practicing how to whisper in front of the mic is an excellent idea of ASMR for beginners. You must listen to how it sounds and move further or closer according to the requirement. You can even practice speaking on the side of the mic instead of directly speaking on it.

One of the basics about ASMR videos is all your movement needs to be soft and slow. While doing a role-play ASMR video, you must write a script with sympathetic words. Giving personalized attention is a significant trigger of ASMR, so you can directly look into the camera. This way, you can make viewers feel you communicate directly with them. 

Editing Software or App

You will require a proper editing software or app to finish the ASMR video without glitches. The sound is more significant than the visuals in this case. Thus, choosing editing software with a good audio option is necessary. You have to sync the sound and video properly, play with all sound levels, and remove or prevent any unwanted noise or sounds in the video. 

Best Mic for an ASMR Video

One of the most entertaining trends in recent years has been ASMR. This is a kind of YouTube video that stands out from the crowd. Cutting soap or sand, eating food, or whispering, you will need a microphone for the videos. The best microphone ensures excellent audio quality to arouse the audience's emotions and sensations. 

Blue Yeti USB Mic is used for recording and streaming on PC and MAC and is among the highest-rated artists. There are other professional mics, but Blue Yeti is an affordable option. 

It can be plugged directly into the computer and has a headphone jack for sound monitoring. It is highly portable and has a multipattern mic that allows four pickup patterns. 

Microphones have a basic 1 of 3 pickup patterns, such as omnidirectional, figure-8, and cardiod. In an omnidirectional mic, the circle around the microphone is highly sensitive to sound. 

In a figure-8 mic, the front and back of the mic are sensitive, not the sides. In a cardioid mic, the front is receptive to sound; the sides are smaller, and the back doesn't pick up any sound.

The multipattern mic allows you to switch back and forth between various patterns. In ASMR, the creators prefer speaking from the sides of the mic to the front. They do this to avoid sibilance (the hissing noise, mainly when Swords are used). The multipattern mic is the best option to do this successfully, mainly for ASMR.

Investing in a mic pop filter helps avoid popping noise when the "P" and "B" words are said. ASMR performers generally buy two mics, one for the right and another for the left, to give the viewer a binaural sound. This allows them to sound more natural to the listener and thus helps them feel relaxed.  

Best Camera for an ASMR Video

Audio is one of the more critical factors than visuals in Making ASMR Videos, so you should choose a camera with a plug-in for a separate mic. To ensure that the image is stable, it is suggested that a tripod or camera with image stabilization be opted for. You should remember that shaky images are not relaxing.

The camera should also record in a format the editing software can use. The sensor size should also be considered. A large sensor or a mirrorless camera is best for low light. 

The Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V180K is also ideal for shooting ASMR videos. It has an optical zoom suitable for low-light conditions, image stabilization, and records in Full HD 1080p. It also includes creative controls such as time-lapse and miniature effects.

Final Words

ASMR content is a fulfilling way for UGC content creators and audiences to enhance relaxation and better sleep. It will bring you millions of views and an excellent opportunity to gain popularity in this genre.

Creating ASMR videos is ideal for connecting with your audience and exhibiting your brand. With increasing popularity, it is essential to consider how to make a good ASMR video and see how it will function. 

Reach out to us at Privy Reviews. We can boost your ASMR videos and put you in the spotlight. We will discover your new content, connect with various individuals, and encourage your hard work in creating these fantastic videos. 

You can practice your skills, and finally, you can create the best-quality ASMR videos. Now, you can engage and delight your audience with creative ASMR videos. Get ready to create your own ASMR masterpiece and promote your ideas.